Which shampoo for dry hair?

Comment éviter les cheveux secs ?

Dry, damaged, brittle hair: your scalp is dry and lacks sebum production. 

Why do we have brittle hair?

 Many reasons can explain this phenomenon: 

  • physiological causes such as anemia, thyroid imbalance, etc. 
  • too much heat (curling iron, straighteners, hair dryer too hot), too much coloring, bleaching

 Composition and benefits:

 Our goal: to repair the hair fiber.

A deep shampoo with emollient (moisturizing) action to repair: 

  • Shea butter: rich in oleic acid, vitamins (A, E, D, F) and essential fatty acids (Omega-3, -6 and -9). Nourishing, hydrating, softening and softening for the epidermis and therefore the scalp. Restorative, it reduces breakage and split ends. 
  • Glycerin: Moisturizes, reduces breakage, which helps hair grow longer and faster.
  • Provitamin B5, strengthening, repairing, with its moisturizing and soothing (anti-inflammatory) properties, it also acts on the scalp.
  • Film-forming action (protection against external aggressions) to protect.

Rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with antimicrobial properties, it has excellent penetration power into the hair fiber. It nourishes it, hydrates it and protects it from external aggressions.


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Good daily habits 

    • Do not wash your hair too often, in order to let the sebum rehydrate the hair
    • Apply conditioner only to the ends


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