Which shampoo for oily hair?

Homnès : Le shampoing purifiant pour cheveux gras

Do you have greasy hair in the morning even though you washed it the day before? Do you feel like you're washing your hair too often? Don't panic, we'll share our solutions with you to rebalance your scalp!

Why do we have oily hair? 

Oily hair is caused by overproduction of sebum. The scalp reacts in this way when it feels attacked. Many reasons can explain this phenomenon, such as running your hands through your hair too often, washing it too often, using an unsuitable shampoo, dealing with hormonal changes, nutrition or even pollution. 

Our first tip to counter all these challenges: avoid shampoos and treatments that contain silicone or other chemical substances, which will tend to asphyxiate the scalp and dull the hair. 

 It is by adopting the following actions that you can reduce excess sebum:

  • Use natural products: At Homnès we have chosen to only use natural ingredients, because beautiful hair is above all healthy hair. This is why we have developed formulas that address major problems without attacking the scalp. 
  • Composition and benefits: Our goal: to cleanse scalps prone to itching, dandruff and excess sebum. Our purifying shampoo is composed of Rhassoul, a key ingredient that helps regulate excess sebum in oily hair.  The magnesium, zinc and calcium it contains help rebalance secretion by the sebaceous glands, in short, regulate sebum production. This way, your hair re-greases less quickly and the scalp is purified. It is a gentle cleanser that eliminates accumulated impurities and deeply cleanses. It provides a feeling of freshness and lightness, strengthens the hair fiber and strengthens dry or brittle hair. It also provides suppleness and elasticity to damaged and tired hair. Also rich in Provitamin B5, strengthening, repairing, with its moisturizing and soothing (anti-inflammatory) properties, it also acts on the scalp. 


Good daily actions:

  • Clean your brushes, combs, straighteners from time to time 
  • Apply conditioner only to the lengths 
  • Avoid touching your hair too often
  • Avoid washing your hair too often
  • Modify one's diet 
  • Avoid brushing your hair too often (morning and evening is enough) or only brush the lengths


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