What are the advantages of solid shampoos?

Les shampoings solides Homnès

Every day, solid shampoo is making its way and enjoying more and more success. But why choose a solid shampoo

There are several reasons for this: 

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging : Solid shampoos are packaged in recycled cardboard containers, making them an eco-friendly choice compared to liquid shampoos which are often packaged in disposable plastic containers.
  2. Convenient to carry: Solid shampoo bars are easier to transport because they don't leak and don't require a sealed container, making them ideal for travel.
  3. Economical: They are more concentrated than liquid shampoos, so they last longer.
  4. Natural: Solid shampoos are made from natural ingredients, so they are less aggressive on the hair and scalp.
  5. Water-free: solid shampoos do not contain water, which means less unnecessary transport and less CO2 emitted.


Also, know that:


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