Can you wash your hair with soap or shower gel?

Homnès se laver les cheveux avec du savon ou du gel douche ?

It is not recommended to wash your hair with soap or shower gel. Their high pH risks destabilizing the scalp, causing the appearance of dandruff and making hair dull and brittle. Their use for this purpose should remain exceptional, and here is why.

Shampoos and soaps share similarities, they both contain surfactants which are used to eliminate impurities, excess sebum or even bacteria. However, these similarities are limited to that.

Hair and skin have different sensitivity to the pH of the products applied to them. While soap or shower gel have an alkaline pH, located around 10, shampoos will have a much lower pH. For example, Homnès solid shampoos have a pH between 5 and 6.5.

The risk of using soap to wash your hair is therefore to attack the hair's protective hydrolipidic film, making it dry and dull, as well as "stripping" the scalp. Result: your scalp protects itself from this attack by massively producing sebum, what makes your hair oily.

Furthermore, soaps or shower gels do not contain the ingredients necessary to obtain cosmetic effects on the hair. Homnès solid shampoos contain, for example, D-panthenol (or Provitamin B5) of natural origin, acting like a cement to ensure better cohesion between the scales. The hair is repaired. Less porous, it is strong, more flexible, shinier and easier to style.


Maintaining good hair health is a subtle balance that soap cannot ensure. There are a variety of formulas suitable for different hair types and conditions.
In addition to its solid shampoo suitable for normal hair , Homnès offers a nourishing shampoo  which deeply strengthens brittle hair thanks to a patiently developed recipe. While the purifying shampoo helps absorb excess sebum thanks to its numerous minerals, it cleans the scalp without attacking it.


It is therefore best to avoid using soap or shower gel to wash your hair unless absolutely necessary. In this case, the use of conditioner is recommended to minimize damage.


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