The steps in making a homnès soap.

Les savons Homnès à la protéine de soie naturelle

The art of artisan soap making is a fascinating process that combines creativity and technical expertise. In this article, we will reveal to you the different stages of manufacturing Homnès artisanal soaps, from the selection of ingredients to their sale. Let’s immerse ourselves in this creative and fragrant universe!


1. Selection of ingredients:

The first essential step in making Homnès artisanal soaps is the careful selection of ingredients. Homnès favors natural and high-quality raw materials. Organic vegetable oils, silk proteins, essential oils and plant extracts are carefully chosen for their skin benefits and aromatic properties.


2. Preparing the base:

Once the ingredients are selected, the soap base is prepared. Oils and butters are melted and mixed with an alkaline solution, washing soda. This chemical reaction, called saponification, transforms fats into soap and glycerin, a natural moisturizing agent. Cold saponification is a method used by Homnès to preserve the benefits of natural ingredients. 


3. Perfuming:

Aromatherapy is a key element of Homnès artisanal soaps. Essential oils are carefully selected for their beneficial properties for the skin as well as their captivating fragrances. Whether floral, woody or fruity notes, each Homnès soap offers a unique sensory experience.


4. Casting and curing:

Once the aromatic preparation is complete, the mixture is poured into suitable molds. After molding, the soaps are left to harden for 5 weeks. This maturation period allows soaps to lose moisture, harden and develop their olfactory and skin-beneficial characteristics. At Homnès, this step is essential to guarantee superior quality soaps.


5. Cutting and packing:

Once the soaps are completely hardened, they are cut into individual bars. Each Homnès soap is unique and demonstrates artisanal know-how. Then, the soaps are tested in our laboratory-workshop, we check their PH and their weight. Then they are carefully packaged and ready to join you!


At Homnès, we are proud to create artisanal soaps that care for your skin while awakening your senses. Our passion for artisanal making is reflected in every soap we produce. Experience the softness and art of our soaps, and let yourself be carried away by their natural benefits.


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