How to wash your hair properly?

Homnès : Comment bien se laver les cheuveux avec des shampoings solides ?

The shampoo ritual is an essential step in our hair routine, but did you know that we often make mistakes that can harm the health and appearance of our hair? In this article, we're going to cover common mistakes we all make when shampooing. Discover these common mistakes and the best practices to adopt to achieve healthy, vibrant hair.


1. Washing your hair too often:

The temptation to wash our hair daily may seem irresistible, but it can actually cause an imbalance in natural sebum and dry out our hair. It is recommended to space out shampoos and find a frequency suited to your hair type. Two to three times a week is usually enough for most people.


2. Rub the scalp hard:

When we wash our hair, it is important to avoid aggressively scrubbing the scalp. This can not only irritate the skin, but also stimulate excess oil production. Instead, use gentle, circular motions to gently massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation. If you have a sensitive scalp, use the pads of your fingers.


3. Start by washing the lengths:

Many of us start by applying shampoo directly to the lengths and ends, neglecting the scalp. For a deep clean, it is best to start by gently massaging the scalp with the shampoo, then lather the product, distributing it along the lengths.


4. Weigh down and grease the roots with conditioner:

Conditioner is a great product for nourishing and detangling hair, but it is important to apply it in a targeted manner. Avoid putting it on the roots, as this can weigh them down and make them oily more quickly. Instead, focus on the lengths and ends, where hair needs hydration the most.


5. Rinse your hair with too hot water:

Hot water can damage hair by drying it out and making it more brittle. Instead, opt for lukewarm to cool water during the final rinse to maintain your hair's moisture and shine.


6. Rub your hair with your towel:

When we get out of the shower, it's tempting to vigorously rub our hair with a towel to dry it quickly. However, this can lead to excessive friction and damage to the hair cuticles. Instead, wrap your hair in a soft towel and gently pat it dry to remove excess water.


7. Use heating devices:

To preserve the health of your hair, we recommend that you avoid using a hair dryer and let it dry in the open air, but we know that sometimes this is not possible, so we try to position it at less than 15 cm ;) 


Take care of our hair by avoiding these mistakes and adopting a natural routine with Homnès 🌱


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